Yuichi Ito

The first aim was make a musical instruments from a computer, which could then be used for musical performance. However in recent years, it has become so easy to reproduce the sounds of musical instruments by the by computer, so this idea was put aside.

Then I decided to use the computer like a genuine new musical instrument itself, and to devise a method of reproducing sounds that makes a clear distinction as the software sound source.

From this I designed the method of making the sound directly from the image output of the of the computer. This method is by connecting analog RGB data from the computer's video output to the sound equipment directly. The sound is a noise scanned in non-interlace. The relative values of RGB in each color displayed on the screen controls it. When nothing is displayed on the screen, the sound is not output. I made the system by using this property: the image was taken from a web camera attached into the computer and the difference of each frame was detected, so only the part with movement is displayed. It is only when the player causes action that this system will output sound, and this makes the situation of performing. I added a loop play backing function for the image. As a result, rhythms can be made.

I want the expression point of this instrument to be in the relation between image and sound. In this work, the sound is made from the image directly, so the they are both completely corresponding.

Typically with synchronized sound and image work the creation of image follows sound. In my piece the sound accompanies the image. This is a new way of use the computer display output. And it can say the sound is combined with the image in a way that exceeds mere synchronization.

about Yuichi Ito:
1983 - Born in Japan
2002 - 2006 Chukyo University Cognitive Science department
2006 - Chukyo University Madia Science course

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